Health Update: New Challenges, Same Attitude

Bruce and I would like to give you an update on Bruce’s health status regarding his pancreatic cancer. Bruce had to be taken to the Emergency Room on December 29th. He was admitted to Hackensack University Medical Center, where he remains. Sadly, after doing well with various treatments, there has been a progression to Bruce’s disease. He had fluid in one lung, he has a blood clot on each lung, and there are new, small cancerous tumors in his chest. While all of these issues are being addressed, we are aware of the seriousness of it. Bruce and I are taking things a day at a time and are trying to remain positive. We are grateful to have a very supportive family and group of friends. Thank you to all of you who have left us messages of support and who are praying for Bruce during this difficult time. Please know that Bruce is in no pain and his spirits are good. One thing is certain: He will NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

-Linda Hill


Happy Holidays from Bruce

Bruce briefly wishes everybody happy holidays and give his hopes for a great New Years. In addition, Bruce and Linda wanted to use the blog to share a small sample of many of the comments and well wishes that they have received throughout the year on this blog and on Facebook. It has been comments like these from all of their friends, family, and love ones that have provided Bruce and Linda the support and strength needed to face the fight ahead of them with continued grace and inspiration.

Bruce is so inspirational and always has the right words. He’s one off the bravest I’ve ever met.

You are both so inspiring.

You and Bruce are both amazing people and continue to inspire me every day! Bruce is truly a Super Hero!

I so admire Bruce’s zest for life and his positive attitude.

I truly believe you two are incredibly beautiful souls. I really feel honored to have met you.

You both are so amazing: your courage and your faith and your stamina. You both had such setbacks yet your strength and positivity continue.

Bruce’s words are truly inspiring to all.

I’ve never known anyone with such a positive attitude.

Bruce is truly amazing.

You and Bruce are so inspiring and positive. Our prayers are there and so is our admiration.

I continue to be inspired beyond description by the way you and Bruce handle all of your health issues. You are both beyond amazing!

Such an amazing man! You both are an inspiration!

Our dear sweet friends—You have endured more than anyone we know, yet you do it with grace and dignity. We love you. You are both always in our prayers and hearts.

Never Give Up!

Cancer is tough but Bruce is tougher! You’ve got this!

Go kick the pants off cancer, Bruce!!! The beast of cancer doesn’t stand a chance against Bruce!

Bruce Strong!

Thoughts and prayers for strength and good results as you continue to Wage Hope!

Bruce continues to be an inspiration for so many other people. You can’t help but smile when you are around him and Linda! I love you guys!

You are truly an inspiration, Bruce!

Bruce is an inspiration to all of us. Love you both.

You and Bruce are my Heroes. God bless both of you!

You guys are amazing! Please know that we are right beside you in spirit. I wish that we could bottle your zest and sprinkle it on everyone else. You guys rock!!

Go Bruce! I’m always lifting you up in prayer. Keep on keeping on. You are truly an inspiration to so many! My husband passed away from pancreatic cancer but while he was fighting, it was your accomplishments that kept his hope alive!! That was more than any doctor did for him!!

I pray for both of you every day. I think your journeys have brought me closer to God.

I feel humbled and privileged to have to opportunity to “share” your love for each other and the responsiveness that defines your lives. No matter what, you are both heroic examples to those who care about you and your futures. God bless you both.

Who’s braver, stronger, smarter, or more optimistic than Bruce? You two are a team and a force to be reckoned with. Wage Hope! God Bless!

Health Update: Start of Clinical Trials

Since Bruce and I had Cat scans in November, he’s asked me to update you on how we made out and what the next step is for both of us.

After being placed on waiting lists for clinical trials at Memorial Sloan Kettering and Weil Cornell Medical Center, Bruce was accepted into a trial at the John Theurer Cancer Center of Hackensack Medical Center, Hackensack, NJ. Since chemo was no longer proving effective for Bruce and since his recent Cat scans at Hackensack showed some small progression of his cancer, we are grateful he has been accepted to and already begun Cycle 1-2 of NC318–Next Cure. It is a brand new clinical trial for pancreatic cancer and as with any trial, there are no guarantees. But in true “Bruce fashion,” he is not only hopeful but positive that this trial will help to keep his cancer at bay and possibly even decrease it. We will certainly keep you posted!

As for myself, my recent Cat scans thankfully showed no new cancer. However, they did show “extensive” scarring on my right lower lung lobe and some on the left side. I was aware after my second lung surgery this past September, that I had a lot of scar tissue on my right lung. This, coupled with losing two small portions of each lower lung lobe, plus being diagnosed with Interstitial Pneumonitis will necessitate consulting with a pulmonologist. But I’m presently cancer free and for that, I’m beyond grateful!

I would like to end this blog post by sharing a personal story with you. After my Cat scans last week and prior to going down to Hackensack for Bruce’s blood work, we went out to breakfast. I mentioned how I was glad my scans were over but that now I’d worry until my doctor called with the results. Bruce said he never worries about his scans. I asked him how that’s possible when he has active cancer in his body. He said the following: “I’m too grateful for every single day to ruin it by worrying. I’m grateful to wake up in the morning, to have another day to be with family, to still be able to go to the gym, and to still be able to work on our lawn. I’m grateful for the cold and even the rain because I’m here to experience it.” He went on to say that he’s always “excited” to undergo scans because he “always expects good results.” Then he said, “And if the results aren’t good, I know there will be something that will come along to help me—like this clinical trial.” Finally, he asked me what I worried the most about after having scans. I replied, “Dying.” He said he’s not afraid of dying because he knows there’s an afterlife and that he already knows it’s beautiful and peaceful and that he’ll spend eternity with family and friends. Even after thirty years together, I’m still amazed at Bruce’s positivity and his sincere optimism about life—and death.

-Linda Hill


One Year of Waging Hope With Bruce

In honor of the one year anniversary of this blog, watch this beautiful tribute by Nurse Jeannine explaining all the meaning, inspiration, and hope, that Bruce continues to bring into people’s lives while battling pancreatic cancer.

And there would not be a camera big enough to capture in one picture all the people who have supported Bruce and continue to support Bruce through his illness, but this is a good start: