Health Update on Bruce

I’d like to give you an update on Bruce’s health issues. As always, he and I appreciate all of your support, prayers, and positive energy!

This past Sunday, Bruce ended up in the Emergency Room due to pain in his abdomen. I feared that his abdominal mass had grown. A Cat scan was done and we were told that there was fluid surrounding Bruce’s mass and that we should follow up with our oncologist. We did that yesterday. Bruce’s oncologist, Dr. Abbasi, told us that the fluid is minor; not enough to be drained. The pain Bruce is experiencing is from cancerous tissue pressing on the abdominal mass. Bruce’s tumor markers are up again. Dr. Abbasi said Bruce will continue with the new chemo (MIC) he started last week while we pursue clinical trials. As Bruce told you in his last video post, he’s on waiting lists for trials at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital and Weil Cornell Medical Center. This coming Thursday, we have an appointment at Hackensack Hospital’s Cancer Center regarding clinical trials. We’re hoping they’ll have something for Bruce that he’ll be able to begin as soon as possible. If not, we’ll expand our search.

With Tylenol, Bruce says the pain is just “annoying.” It’s not preventing him from going to the gym, walking, and living a “normal” life. He is convinced he’s going to “beat this.” He continues to shine with positivity that amazes even me. His goal with this blog has always been to help as many people as possible going through a difficult time.

Yesterday, Dr. Abbasi told us about a friend of his who was recently diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. Bruce told Dr. Abbasi to give him our number and to tell him he’d be happy to talk to him. Once Bruce was on chemo, one of the nurses asked if he’d go over to talk with a young woman recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Bruce sat with her for several minutes and clearly lifted her spirits. She came over to us before she left to thank Bruce for talking to her. This coming Sunday, we’re all going to do the Breast Cancer Walk in Parsippany. While I wish cancer had never touched our lives, I continue to be impressed with the number of people Bruce has helped and inspired since his diagnosis two and a half years ago. He said from the outset that he “just wanted to help one person dealing with this.” He continues to say that. And I continue to tell him that he’s helped a lot more than “just one person.” Today alone, he helped two.

-Linda Hill

4 thoughts on “Health Update on Bruce

  1. I’m sending prayers that one of those clinical trials will come through. You and Bruce amaze me with your continued strength. 💜🧡


    • Thank you, Mickey. Also, thank you for following our blog and always commenting on it. Bruce and I both appreciate it!


  2. Pulling for those clinical trials! You and Bruce are just unbelievable for your positivity and willingness to help others each and every day💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


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