Health Update: Bruce and Linda (And Happy Birthday Muskaan!)

Bruce has asked me to give an update on his health as well as mine.

Last Tuesday, I had my second surgery in two months. I had a benign nodule removed from my right lung. Due to scar tissue, adhesions, and “grittiness” on my lung from surgery I had thirty years ago, my surgeon, Dr. Sesti, said this surgery was more involved than the one I had in June, which tested positive for renal cancer. She also said I have a pulmonary issue that I was unaware of. It’s not serious at this time but it does need to be addressed. I will consult with a pulmonologist once I heal from this surgery. I also need to see my oncologist and will be going on oral chemo meds since I now have metastatic renal cancer.

Yesterday, Bruce had an appointment at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital in New York City. We met with Dr. Vinod Balachandran, a pancreatic cancer surgeon, regarding the mass in Bruce’s abdomen. Dr. Balachandran was pleased with how well Bruce is doing and how well he looks. He did blood work and has ordered a Cat scan at Sloan in Basking Ridge (NJ), which is tomorrow. Dr. Balachandran will call after he gets those reports to tell us whether or not Bruce’s abdominal mass can be removed surgically. If it can’t, Dr. Balachandran said that there are other chemo treatments we can pursue. Bruce and I were both very happy to get this encouraging news!

Finally, Bruce and I would like to thank our Wage Hope friend, Muskaan Kheti, for driving us into the City and coming to the appointment with us. Since Muskaan’s sister, who passed in December from pancreatic cancer, was treated at Sloan, I’m sure spending a few hours at this facility with us was not easy on her emotionally. Today, 9/13, is Muskaan’s birthday: Happy Birthday, Muskaan! Thank you for all you do for us. Bruce and I love you!

-Linda Hill


4 thoughts on “Health Update: Bruce and Linda (And Happy Birthday Muskaan!)

    • My friend, don’t say that unless you’re serious! You know I hate to drive & that I have a terrible sense of direction. I’d sign up for “Uber Tonie” any time! (I hope Jimmy’s feeling better. You two should do a post for our blog. You’ve both been through a lot.)


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