Health Update: Cancer Can’t Beat an Indomitable Spirit

Wednesday, August 29th, brought us very disheartening news. Bruce’s abdominal mass has progressed since his last Cat scan three months ago. The good news is that it hasn’t spread to lymph nodes or other organs. The bad news is that it indicates the chemo Bruce has been on is no longer working (He’s been stable for about a year.). Bruce’s oncologist referred us to a pancreatic cancer surgeon at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York City. This doctor said it’s possible Bruce’s mass can be removed. We have an appointment with him on September 12th. Since this is just a week past my own surgery, I may not be able to go to this appointment (Though I’m definitely going to try!) but one of our Wage Hope friends has graciously offered to drive Bruce in and go with him to his appointment. With family and friends, we are surrounded by support and love! We are so blessed! Incidentally, I took this news worse than Bruce, who remains very positive he’s “going to beat this.” He’s looking forward to meeting with the surgeon as he’s certain this doctor will be able to help him.

As for me, I was “down” for a day but feel much better now. Yesterday, we had lunch with one of our Wage Hope friends. Saturday and Sunday, we’re doing things with the family. Monday, Bruce, Doug, and I will be doing a 5K at Lake Mohawk in Sparta, NJ. I go into the hospital the next day for my second surgery in two months but I’m going to enjoy Labor Day weekend! I hope you all do as well!

-Linda Hill

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