Happy Birthday Linda!!!

Bruce gives a very special birthday message to his wife Linda, highlighting the respect he has for the difference she made as a teacher, his admiration for how she is bravely battling her cancer, and how his love for her continues to give him strength in his own battles.


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Linda!!!

  1. Thanks, Mickey. I had no idea Bruce did this. Doug was over for dinner & Bruce asked him to tape him outside. The whole family was here so I didn’t even know they were missing!


  2. Bruce, this was beautiful. It made me cry,but it also made me smile!
    You and Linda will get through this,with your love for each other and your family!
    Happy Birthday Linda!
    Sending my love to both of you!


  3. I also cried listening to Bruce speaking about his love and admiration for Linda. I believe in the power of prayer, and know so many people love and ask God to look over both of you. He also blessed Bruce and Linda with a deep true love, which is a really beautiful thing to share. XO


  4. Bruce that was so beautiful. Happy Birthday again Linda. Many prayers for you both. You both will be fine we all have many people in heaven watching over us. Good luck on Sept. 4. Happy Anniversary early. Big higs to the both of you. God Bless


  5. What an amazingly beautiful post!!! How did you film this without crying? I got all teary eyed! You are both such beautiful people ❤️❤️❤️


    • Jen, I knew nothing about this til it was posted. The night you were here for Aunt Carol’s dinner, Bruce & Doug went outside & they did the video there. (I didn’t even know they were gone!) Finally, thank you from Bruce & me for always commenting on our posts. We both appreciate it!


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