Bruce and Odin

Bruce describes his very special encounter with Odin, a four year old St. Bernard with bone cancer. Odin, with the help of owner Bobbie Jo Ledford, has made it part of his Bucket List to bring joy to as many people as possible while he is still alive. Visiting Bruce and others today at the Hopatcong Senior Center was part of his heartwarming journey.

(To learn more about Odin’s Bucket List, click here: Odin’s Bucket List Public Page)

10 thoughts on “Bruce and Odin

  1. Mr. Bruce, thank you for this inspirational video. I wish you the best and may God bless you on your Journey.


  2. Awe that’s awesome you had the
    opportunity to meet Oden. I’ve been following him on his FB page. I’m sorry you have Cancer.
    It a horrible disease. Sending you well wishes, And sending you lots of hugs 🤗


    • My wife & I are both dealing with cancer but are also very positive about it. We loved meeting Odin & hope he’ll be here for a long time. Please feel free to follow our blog going forward. And thank you for your comment.


  3. Michael, I’m glad you were able to comment. Thank you! I sent a message to Odin’s owners that if there’s any way he & Luca could meet, I’d be happy to arrange it. I’m not sure if it’ll happen—Odin’s dealing with cancer besides working on his bucket list! What a beautiful & sweet dog!


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