Laura Health Update: Successful Surgery!

Bruce and I would like to give all of you an update on our daughter-in-law, Laura’s, battle with breast cancer. Laura’s diagnosis came “out of the blue.” She was young and healthy. She and our son, Michael, have three children, ages six, three, and 13 months. Laura went through months of chemotherapy. Throughout it, she continued the busy life of a mother and teacher. Two days ago, Laura underwent major surgery. Thankfully, the chemo did its job of shrinking the tumor and Laura’s lymph glands were all cancer free! Laura came home from the hospital yesterday. Her recuperation will be long but she’s planning on returning to school the end of August. In the Fall, she will undergo radiation. Next summer, she’ll have an additional surgery. Laura has faced her ordeal with grace, strength, and positivity. As you can see in the pictures, she’s always smiling! A while ago, Laura told Bruce and me that we were her inspiration. As cancer survivors ourselves, that meant a lot to us at the time. But I can tell you now that the situation has reversed: Bruce and I look to Laura for strength and inspiration! Together, our family will fight the beast of cancer!

-Linda Hill

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