A Special Message From Linda

First of all, I want to thank those of you who sent Bruce and me such beautiful messages after Bruce’s last blog post. As I wrote on Facebook, I’ve printed up all of your messages to give Bruce inspiration going forward, as he has apparently done for so many of you over the past two years.

As you know, Bruce recently had a Cat scan that indicated a slight increase in the size of his abdominal mass. Bruce’s doctor then ordered a Pet scan, which Bruce had yesterday. This scan confirmed the previous one—the mass has grown but is confined to that one area. Bruce has been on the same chemo regimen for over a year and has done very well with it. Now, as Bruce told you, it’s time for a change. His doctor canceled chemo this past Monday so he could review the Pet scan first so Bruce will begin the new regimen on Monday. Bruce’s doctor is also going to look into immunology. Additionally, he suggested we go back for another consult with Dr. Allyson Ocean, a pancreatic cancer specialist at Weil Cornell Medical Center in New York City. That appointment is next Thursday. Bruce will do a personal blog entry after that.

Many of you have praised us for being “so strong” throughout both of our health ordeals. Bruce, while not in denial of the seriousness of his cancer, continues to choose hope, optimism, and positivity. His attitude is not only helping himself but is helping me as well. It’s a lot easier living with someone so good natured and optimistic than the alternative. I do have moments (Usually at 3:00 a.m.) when the reality of the situation overwhelms me. In addition to the change to Bruce’s cancer, I am having my second major surgery in three years the end of this June. The next day, Bruce has chemo! But why focus on that when we have this beautiful day ahead of us? Bruce is already out walking and enjoying nature. This evening, our neighbor is taking us out on his boat for the first time this season. We’ll get to enjoy the beauty, peacefulness, and tranquility of Lake Hopatcong, besides being with such good friends! Today is a day to be enjoyed! What could be better than that?

-Linda Hill

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