Guest Writer Shares Inspiring Message

Mark Andrew Head, from Rochester, NY, is a Facebook friend of Bruce and Linda from their Never Ever Give Up site. NEGU is a private Facebook group of pancreatic cancer survivors and caregivers. Bruce and Linda would like to thank Mark for allowing them to share his insightful words:

Cancer can be an alternating mine field and tinder box on which one is forced to prove one’s honor over and over. Successful navigation of it requires resilience, creativity, and balance. Round after round of chemo, stents, ports, biopsies, blood clots, bathroom issues, neuropathy, hand and mouth disease, cold sores, mouth sores, scans and scopes, gas pangs, pancreatitis, bile duct blockage, CT scans, nuclear cocktails, dehydration, high and low blood sugars, depression, anxiety, and extreme fatigue are severe enough to break any man, woman, or child. What is liable to keep us grounded is the love and support of compassionate caregivers and family. Hope, faith, tenacity, resilience, and grit: these are the super powers that all successful warriors possess. These are the forces that help us navigate this medical malaise. It’s truly an honor to be on the field of battle with you all. Thank you for taking the ride with me. Together we are never fully alone. Keep those feet moving, you all! This is the only life that we have. As imperfect as it is, we will have to make the best of it!  NEVER EVER GIVE UP! 

-Mark Andrew Head

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