A Special Tribute to Bruce and Linda’s Angel

On the eve of the one year anniversary of her passing, Linda and Bruce pay tribute to Maureen Schmidt. Maureen and Linda were friends for over 40 years and, as detailed in the video, Maureen was a selfless caregiver to both Bruce and Linda during their battles with cancer.

The mission of this blog has been to inspire those suffering from cancer or any sickness with a message of positivity, faith, and hope. The positivity, faith, and hope that both Bruce and Linda spread would not be possible without the love of the friends and family members that bless their lives. God gives us the strength to fight the hardest battles in the form these angels. Maureen was, and will always be, a special angel in the lives of Bruce and Linda. While her presence on Earth will be missed forever, Maureen’s love will continue to grow and spread from beyond, allowing Bruce and Linda to take on the hard work they do.


2 thoughts on “A Special Tribute to Bruce and Linda’s Angel

  1. What a wonderful tribute to Maureen!
    You are certainly correct in saying everyone needs that special friend,who’s always there when you need them!


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